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Thinking about my brain

I think about my brain all-the-time.

There is a family history of Alzheimer’s and dementia and I think that is what sparked my interest in how to keep my brain young and spongey!

And the first book I read on the subject was amazing! “The Brain that changes itself” by Norman Doidge. The overall theme that I took away from the book is that your brain is capable of constant change, and if you treat you brain in the right way it can be change which keeps your brain strong and sharp for a long time. Now this was a few years ago but I don’t remember the book specifically referencing diet as one of the contributors but it certainy mentioned exercise and making sure that throughout your life you learn new skills, like a sport or language or musical instrument.

Doing new things does not always come naturally to us humans who generally seek out comfort zones in life. I can certainly count myself in that group. I started tennis lessons last year. Whilst I had played a bit as a child with my Dad I have never had a lesson or played a game. Taking lessons in something you are not good at as an adult it quite disconcerting! But I do love tennis now, I still just use it as a nice social time to have with my girlfriends.

Came across this article today on the New York Times: Science Facebook page: How Exercise Could Lead to a Better Brain.

Who excercises like this though!?

This article basically is saying to us that excercise makes us smarter. Going for a swim or walk can prevent our brains from shrinking which they naturally start doing from our late twenties (OMG!!!) and it can also improve cognitive function. Excercise improves our brain muscle and makes it stronger.

Whilst I was on this train of thought I looked at what foods are supposed to be good for our memory and general brain health. The consensus from multiple sites seems to be:

  • avocadoes
  • salmon
  • blueberries
  • wholegrains
  • chia seeds
  • some caffiene as well (which I am taking as a nod to continue to enjoy my morning latte)

Don’t think I will ever get tired of this subject! I kinda love also that whilst our brains are so vital they are still largely a mystery to science but then such relatively simple things have a big impact our brain health.

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