Hi there! I am Bec. I live in Melbourne with my lovely partner S. I love brunch and my morning latte, eating dinner in all the great food places Melbs has to offer with wonderful friends. I’m obsessed with getting a puppy but as we are still renting an apartment I content myself with fawning over cute pictures of puppies online and sending them randomly to S throughout the day.

About 6 months ago I made some big changes to my diet and the way I viewed my health. It’s been a great learning curve and education but after 28 years of not eating this way, less emphasis on nutrition and little love and attention paid to my health I still consider this “new me” to be  in its early stages and wish to be informed and reinforce as much as I can.

I kicked off this blog as a continual reminder about what I am doing and what is important.

I think so much about what is good for us and what ‘good’ food can require so much extra effort and your own intiative to understand what to eat, where ingredients are availalble and how to use them. And I spend so much time consuming information about new recipes, different ways of eating, less mainstream ingredients, science behind food and excercise I thought why not collate it all in one nice easy place.




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