A green winter warmer

I know I am not alone on this but as soon as the cold weather is here I just want to make soup.

I think I like the soup making often more than the soup eating even!

My only slur against soup (except for when you make pumpkin soup, and you have to cut up a whole pumpkin and your knife keeps getting stuck and you break out in a sweat – I really find that annoying) is that after eating it I can easily be hungry again in an hour, especially since now there is  no bread consumed along with it.

So was intrigued by my new favouritee blogger, Scandi Foodie’s Creamy Green Soup. It uses oats to thicken it – and they defnitely fill me up! And also the creamy part was not caused by cream, but milk and the oats melting together – so much better for me and my bum.

The recipe calls for green beans, zucchini and broccoli – such an easy way to consume so much green goodness in one sitting.

Beans are great for Vit C and K, folate, potassium and also source of catenoids, which is a form of Vit A that acts as an antioxident. The bulk of the zucchini‘s nutrition is in its dark green skin, the rest of it is largely water so has practically no calories. The Vit A in zucchini is good for immune development and growth. And we all know broccoli The Super Food! High in Vit C and dietary fibre and lots of lovely cancer fighting properties — cannot get enough broccoli!

It was super easy and to be honest I wasn’t sure how adding the oats would work but it just slowly bubbled away and thickened up…

It looks much more appealing once blended!

It was very thick. Next time I will add more milk or water.

This recipe I think would work well with onion or lemon added. I did serve with some grated parmesan which was yummy.

Now I am a dope because I forgot to photograph the finished product so I am borrowing Scandi Foodie’s photo which was my initial inspiration after all!


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