refocus… and some amazing nut bread

So its been awhile…. I had a car accident about 4 weeks ago. It wasn’t too serious but serious enough to give me a good fright and some nasty whiplash. Work and a very long daily commute had exhausted me and I’ll be honest I went into a bit of a tailspin and was very sad for a few weeks there. So after watching episode upon episode of TV series- Downton Abby, Community, Cougar Town (yes, you heard it) and 30 Rock, the love of some lovely people and hugs from S, I am mending and back to feeling more like me.

Without a doubt though I slipped right back into those bad eating habits when I was down — could not get enough chocolate! I have become a sugar fiend again. AND, boo, I have started craving dessert after dinner again, ahhhh took me so long to kick that bastard! I have also noticed I reverted back to eating less and larger portions – a system I know does  not work for me cos I am a starvin marvin by the time I eat again.

With the help of my friend the Internet I have found some sensational new recipes, and clever bloggers. And  I am all focused for this week being my zero sugar, low carb-back on the horse-week.

One thing I have really missed since cutting out  bread is eating avocado and goats cheese on toast, not because of the toast, but because it is such a superiour vessel for the avocado. So I was thrilled to find this recipe for Nut and Seed bread which I am going to make the basis for all my avocado gorgings this week. Yipee!

This bread is crazy good for you – cashews, pumpkin seeds and almond meal mixed with eggs, olive, walnut and pumpkin seed oils (could not find pumpkin seed oil in my wide search of 1 health food store on the weekend in a rush so I substituted it with macadaemia nut oil instead – worked.)

And it literally took me 10 minutes from first blend to into the oven. And it looks so pretty!

Props to my new favourite blog Scandi Foodie for this fabulous recipe.


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