Tasty cauliflower comfort food

Hi there!

This little recipe is my adaptation of the ol potato bake. I love it cos its quick and it fits the bill for those days when you need a cosy meal on the couch.

Plus there’s some goodness in there too.  I know this seems a bit silly I used to think because cauliflower was white it didn’t have much nutritional goodness but the thrilling discovery is — it has loads! Its low in fat and carbs but high in dietary fibre, folate and vitamin C. It also has ‘Sulforaphane’ whch may protect against cancer and also a chemical which helps repair DNA and can prevent the growth of some cancers. You can imagine as soon as I found this out  I upped my weekly intake of cauliflower.


Steam up a whole heap of cauliflower. Once its fairly soft drain and mash up with a fork. Sprinkle with some garlic powder whilst still steaming hot.

Pop on a few big spoonfuls of cottage cheese (which is low fat and also quite high in protein). I find I like to also grate some parmesan over it as it adds a stronger taste.

Top with some cold, smoked salmon, which has been seasoned with salt and pepper and lemon juice.

Sometimes I add some avocado, sometimes I don’t. And topping with fresh chopped dill is also delish.


One thought on “Tasty cauliflower comfort food

  1. Yum! Looks like a nice healthy alternative to the typical potato gratin.

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