A spoonful of sugar goes a long, long way….

Todays post is a continuation of my fascination and discovery about the power of food to address health and illness. And how it seems to be to be so easy for doctors to prescribe medication without even bothering to raise the question of diet in many instances. I am not a doctor or have any official training, my opinion here is formed from personal experience and research from other experts in their field. I don’ think I’m advocating no drugs and medication but simply not to view them as the first or only treatment. If we can eat naturally occuring food that our bodies over hundreds of years of evolution have been developed for surely we should consult there before introducing newer developed properties if we can.

My passion around this subject has been sparked recently in relation to the health of a loved one. And my friend, and budding naturopath, Shannon shed some initial light on how diet can help or even trigger illness in some cases.

I did some research about migranes…. someone close to me has been prescribed something to prevent the onset of migranes as the diagnosis suggested it could be aggravating other health issues. Here is what I found and what I will be sharing with this person about how diet could be playing a major role causing those migranes:

Deficency in magnesium.

This site spoke at length about how it can be quite difficult to get enough magnesium in your diet. And how processed foods and other badies in our “modern” diet can actually deplete the magensium we do manage to consume. High protein diets can also pose a challenge ensuring an adequate magnesium intake. And something I found ironic — taking calcium supplements to prevent osteoporosis etc without the proper counter balance of the ol mag mineral can cause seperate health issues, doh!

Magnesiums’ role in relation to migranes is that it helps relax muscles and artieries in your body and your brain.

Food allergies or sensitivities.

These apparently are at the core of triggers of migranes. It could look quite daunting as there is 25+ commonly eaten foods which are linked with possible causes for migranes. Outside the more commonly throught of processed meats, aged cheeses, wine, beer and caffine.

The ‘triptans’ in chocolate, wine or cheese or artificial sweeteners like aspartame, nitrates or processed foods are very common for causing headaches and migranes.

Livestrong site had a comprehensive, easy to read list of these.

Given the range of foods that are there a good first approach could be avoiding the top billing bad guys — eliminate caffeine, sugar, chocolate and processed meats for a few weeks and see if there is a change. And then work through the list… there are some surprising ones in there like tomatoes, corn and apples.

Other things that can cause migranes arer dehydration, high blood pressure, vitamin deficiencies, gastrointestinal problems, musculoskeletal problems.

Given how common some of those foods are you can imagine how easy it could be to be eating away on an apple thinking you are being healthy and you are actually going to give yourself a horrible headache! Although saying that, how simple could the solution be to just give up apples!


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