Spoils from the internet

I am loving spending time online reading healthy blogs, recipes and Pinterest….. oh Pinterest, how many hours get absorbed into a quick “glance” at Pinterest!

There is just so much great content out there. So much education to be had!

I came across this one today: 17 Healthy Grains You’ve Never Heard Of


I decided I would like to add more grains back into my diet. I keep reading how good wholegrains are for your brain function – and I need all the help I can get there! I haven’t consulted the all-powerful Fiona The Naturopath yet but in the meantime I am learing about alternatives to white flour – other than wholegrain flour.

I am experimenting with chia seed at the moment. Purchased a packet Chia Co chia seeds from the South Melbourne Markets Organic store and I am absolutely bowled over by what I read — chia seeds have more fibre and omega 3 than any other food! The reason why it is not included in the modern diet normally as it requires very specific growing conditions.

I put chia in the ‘crumbing’ on chicken the other night, I also put it in a smoothie but be aware it is super super absorbent so turned my smoothie into a pudding like consistency. So good to note – use chia as a natural thickening agent!

After reading the article above I thought I might try millet and spelt flours. They both have reasonable levels of protein and are good at keeping your bodies glucose levels consistent.

I find it fascinating really with these base ingredients that, with a little bit of knowledge, you can add so much extra nutrition to every individual meal you eat.

I signed up to receive a weekly email from these guys today – Greatist. They are all about health, fitness and happiness – can never have too much of that!

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One thought on “Spoils from the internet

  1. Shannon says:

    Haha.. would have loved to have seen your face when your smoothie turned into a jelly 😛
    Chia seeds, hey – awesome omega 3 and high fibre.. so I can keep my brain AND my ring-piece happy. Brilliant.

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